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Located in the heart of Ellisville, Florida, the original building was established in 1986. Over the years it has changed ownership several times, but the structure and memories created within have built a
lasting impression on travelers and locals alike. Today as an independently owned and operated business, many drivers and employees get to reminisce on the “good old days,” while stopping by
for a drink, delicious eats, or to fuel up. Our favorite part of our establishment’s history are the employees who have been working onsite throughout the years. Kevin Weber, once a cook in the restaurant during the 90’s, returned to help lead the reconstruction as
the Chief Facility Manager. You can see some of his artistry in the unique design of the handmade bar at Global Bar & Grill.

“The best part about working here since 1995, is having the opportunity to watch it grow. Each year it keeps getting better.”

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